Photo Gallery of Events


                                        The Baking Coach @ Central Ave.
April 11, 2015

BakingCoach411CA1 BakingCoach411CA2
BakingCoach411CA3 BakingCoach411CA4



                                       Zentangle workshop @ Central Ave.
April 10, 2015

Zentangle410CA1 Zentangle410CA2
Zentangle410CA3 Zentangle410CA4




                             Read to a Dog (and bunnies!) @ Bar Harbour
April 8, 2015

48Dog1 48Dog2
48Dog3 48Dog4
48Dog5 48Dog6


                                            Read to a Dog @ Central Ave.
March 21, 2015

ReadToADog1 ReadToADog2
ReadToADog3 ReadToADog4
ReadToADog5 ReadToADog6
ReadToADog7 ReadToADog8



                                     Wild About Watercolor @ Central Ave.
March 10, 2015

WildWatercolor1 WildWatercolor2
WildWatercolor3 WildWatercolor4


                                         Wild Long Island @ Central Ave.
March 7, 2015

Wild3-71 Wild3-72
Wild3-73 Wild3-74
Wild3-75 Wild3-76


                                 Stuffed Animal Sleepover  @ Bar Harbour
February 19-20, 2015

      After "Pajama Storytime", some of your stuffed friends spent the night at the library!

Stuffed-Books Stuffed-iPads
              Checking out the book collection                                                        Playing with the iPads

 Stuffed-Puppet Show Stuffed-Sack Race
                      Putting on a puppet show                                                           Running a sack race!

Stuffed-Story Time Stuffed-Water Fountain2
                                     Storytime!                                                        Getting a drink at the water fountain

Stuffed-Hi to Fish Stuffed-LEGO
                 Saying "hi" to Gunther, the fish                                          Playing with the new LEGO table

Stuffed-Photocopies Stuffed-Sliding down the Banister
                             Making photocopies                                                             Walking up the staircase

                                                      And sleeping soundly after a fun evening at the library!


                                Making Tic Tac Toe Sugar Cookies  @ Central Ave.
February 20, 2015

TicTacToe1 TicTacToe2
TicTacToe3 TicTacToe4



                                             Pirate Party  @ Bar Harbour
February 17, 2015

PirateParty1 PirateParty2
PirateParty3 PirateParty4


                                      "Magic of Light" art class @ Central Ave.
February 10, 2015

Magic of Light1 Magic of Light2



                                      Balloon Workshop @ Central Ave.
February 3, 2015

Balloon Workshop3 Balloon Workshop4
Balloon Workshop1 Balloon Workshop2
Balloon Workshop5 Balloon Workshop6



                    Winter Cupcake Decorating for Grades 3-6 @ Bar Harbour
December 29, 2014

                                   Fanny Cakes Winter Cupcakes BH Gr 3-6


                         "Frozen" party & movie showing @ Bar Harbour
                                                    January 2, 2015

Frozen1 Frozen2
Frozen3 Frozen4
Frozen5 Frozen6



                              Gingerbread House decorating @ Bar Harbour
                                                    December 13, 2014

Gingerbread1 Gingerbread2
Gingerbread3 Gingerbread4

Gingerbread5 Gingerbread6
Gingerbread7 Gingerbread8
Gingerbread10r Gingerbread11r2

           Brownie Troop #2287 decorating the Christmas tree @ Central Ave.
                                                      December 2014

Brownie 2287 CA tree2 Brownie 2287 CA tree



                 Handmade Dog Beds Community Service Craft @ Central Ave.
                                                    December 6, 2014

Dog Beds - Julia Kate and Gabrielle Dog Beds - Diana and Erin



                            International Games Day at the Massapequa Library
                                                    November 15, 2014

                        Intl Games Day BH Sat Nov 15



                          Celebrating Halloween at the Massapequa Library
                                                    October 31, 2014

 Halloween5 2014
Halloween4 2014



                                   Halloween Story Time @ Central Ave.
                                                    October 31, 2014

Halloween Story Time Halloween Story Time2



                       Spider Cake Pops with The Baking Coach @ Central Ave.
                                                    October 25, 2014

Spider Cake Pops with Baking Coach- 10.25 Spider Cake Pops with Baking Coach2 - 10.25


                                 Make an Owl - Drop-in Craft @ Central Ave.
                                                      October 10, 2014

Make an Owl Drop in 10-10 Make an Owl Drop in 10-10 3 Make an Owl Drop in 10-10 2


                                 Mix It Up - Paint Like Picasso @ Central Ave.
                                                      September 23, 2014

Mix it Up- Paint Like Picasso class 9-23 at CA 1 Mix it Up- Paint Like Picasso class 9-23 at CA 3
                                   Mix it Up- Paint Like Picasso class 9-23 at CA 2


                             YA Summer Reading Closing Party @ Central Ave.
                                                      August 22, 2014

YA Closing1 YA Closing3 YA Closing2 YA Closing4


                                      Be a Paleontologist @ Central Ave.
                                                      August 21, 2014

Paleo1 Paleo2
Paleo3 Paleo4


                                  Reptiles from Tackapausha @ Bar Harbour
                                                       July 26, 2014

Reptiles1 Reptiles3


                                 Storytime with Miss Cassidy @ Central Ave. 
                                                      July 24, 2014

7-24 CA Storytime w Miss Cassidy 7-24 CA Storytime w Miss Cassidy3



                Make Your Own Lava Lamp drop-in experiment @ Central Ave.
                                                       July 18, 2014

IMG 0377 IMG 0378-1
IMG 0379 IMG 0381


                                    "Fire and Ice" show @ Bar Harbour 
                                                        July 10, 2014

                    Fire  Ice show


                                   Awesome Eruptions  @ Central Ave.  
                                                        July 8, 2014

 Awesome Eruptions3 7-8 Awesome Eruptions1 7-8



                Children's Summer Reading Club Kick-Off Party  @ Central Ave.  
                                                        June 28, 2014

IMG 0357 IMG 0358

IMG 0359 IMG 0365



                              Big Hands - Little Hands with Miss Cassidy

                                                      June 17, 2014

BH hands1 6.10 BH hands2 6.10

BH hands3 6.10 BH hands4 6.10


                                     Saturday Songs @ CA with Mrs. Booth

                                                       June 7, 2014
CA-Saturday Songs 6.7.14 CA-Saturday Songs2 
CA-Saturday Songs3 CA-Saturday Songs4                                                    

                                                 Central Ave Celebrates Earth Day
                                                               April 17, 2014
                                   The children made a 'blossom tree' out of recycled paper!
Earth Day1 2014 Earth Day2 2014
Earth Day3 2014 Earth Day4 2014 

                                                    Saturday Songs with Mrs. Booth
                                                         Central Ave, April 12, 2014
Saturday Songs1 4.14 Saturday Songs2 4.14                                                  


                                                        Drop-in Craft at Central Ave
                                               Bird Feeder Craft -- March 28, 2014
drop-in1 drop-in3
drop-in4 drop-in5                                                     


                                                     Big Hands -- Little Hands
                              with Mrs. Booth  at Central Ave on March 24, 2014
CA Little Hands CA Little Hands2                                             

                                      Making Action Figures--Art Class @ Central Ave
                                                                  March 11, 2014
Action Figures Action figures2
Action Figures3 Action figures4

                                     Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday
                                    Central Avenue: March 1, 2014
Seuss Birthday1 Seuss Birthday2
Seuss Birthday3 Seuss Birthday 4         

                                       Central Avenue Drop-in craft!  
                                                Come as you are....                           

CA Drop In 1 CA Drop In 2
CA Drop in 3 CA Drop In 4


                                 Zumba Class for our special kids!
                                 Bar Harbour-February 7, 2014
Zumba2 Zumba1           

                           In Celebration of Women's Heart Health Month
                                Bar Harbour (Left)   Central Ave (Right)
                                              February 2014
Hearts1 Hearts2