To receive Email Notifications:

You can sign up for email notifications in person, by phone, or online.  To do so online, click the MY ACCOUNT button in the top right corner of our website and enter your library barcode number and PIN.  Visit the How to Create a PIN page for information on how to create a PIN.  Once you are signed into your account, select the “Edit Account” button, enter your email address, and click “Submit.”

The following notices are sent via email:

  1. Hold Pick-Up (when a requested item is available for pick-up) -
    *Please note that the item may still be in transit to the pick-up location when you receive the notification
  2. Courtesy Reminder (2 – 3 days before material is due)
  3. Overdue Notice (17 days after due date)
  4. Bill Notice (17 days after Overdue Notices)

To receive Text Notifications:

Click on the MY ACCOUNT button in the top right corner of our website and enter your library barcode number and PIN.  Follow the same instructions used to receive email notifications and you will see an option to enter a mobile phone number under the “Mobile Alerts Via SMS” heading.  Enter your mobile phone number and tap “Click to Opt In.”  Read the Terms and Conditions and Private Policy below, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window and click “Submit.”

To Renew via Text:

You can renew your checked-out items via text once you’ve signed up to receive text message notifications (see instructions above).  When you receive a text alert that an item is nearly due, reply to that text message with the word RENEW.  You will then receive one of the following messages indicating that your checked-out item was either renewed or not renewed at that time:

  • Your items could not be renewed (no items may be renewed)
  • (x) of (y) items were renewed (some or all were renewed)


We want you to be in the loop!  Sign up for our event notifications via email by simply clicking on the “Subscribe to our Online Weekly Newsletter” link on our homepage

Please feel free call us at 516-799-0770 (Bar Harbour) or 516-798-4607 (Central Ave.) or visit us at our reference desk and we will gladly assist you in the set up of email and text notifications.